Friday, January 30, 2009

Easy Crockpot Chicken Chili (Hillary)

Put the following in no special order into the crockpot and stir.

1 pound chicken, cut into cubes
1 can northern beans
1 can of corn
1 jar of salsa (16 oz)
1 tablespoon chili seasoning

I cooked it for about 4 hours on high since I started it later than I initially planned. But I'm sure you could cook it on low, probably about 8 hours, if you started it in the morning (but I figured you all knew more about cooking time than I you all would know how long was long enough to cook the chicken if you did it on low)

I have to say, if it was successful in my crockpot it will work in everyone's. This is the first thing I've actually made that was good enough that Todd had seconds and took leftovers to work. Although, next time I make it, I'm going to double the recipe b/c this really didn't make enough for more than just one dinner and one small helping for leftovers. I was really counting on two days of chili (well at least lunch for both Todd and me the next day)

Hope you guys enjoy

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