Saturday, January 31, 2009

Popsicles (Carla)

Fruit of your choice
Applesauce or Fruit Juice
Spinach, kael, carrots, or beets - if desired

A little tip for getting fruit and veggies into your kids...
If you make your own popsicles it is simple. If you don't make your own popsicles, it is worth it to try!

This week I made popsicles and I used my canned apple sauce as the base and then added fruit from my freezer (strawberries blueberries, banana) and put it all in the blender. THen I added fresh spinach leaves and purree it til you can't see the leaves anymore. Sounds gross but you can add a LOT before you can taste the spinach. And if you use berries in it, then it won't even be green. The kids will never know. You can also add kale, carrots (they are sweet), cooked beets (also sweet).

Angela has always had homemade popsicles so she didn't notice the difference. My niece was here once though and I offered her a popsicle and she was thinking astro pop or whatever those multi coloured things are called - she wouldn't eat mine that was basically just strawberries and orange juice! I didn't try the spinach on her. :)

You can get popsicle molds at the dollar stores or probably in Target at this time of year. I'm sure tupperware sells them, but they wouldn't cost just a dollar there. I have about 3 of them so that I have a good stash of them in the freezer. Sometimes angela will eat a few a day in the summer.

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