Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cincinnati Chilli ~ Erin

Cincinnatti Chilli

Takes about 30 min start to finish, less if you start the pasta sooner rather than later.

1 8oz can tomato sauce
1 lb hamburger (I use 93/7)
1 pkg oyster crackers1 8oz pkg shredded cheese (mexican blend is good)
1 packet of McCormicks chilli seasoning (hot is best but original works, mild also)
1 pkg spaghetti (I use the wheat it actually tastes better than the regular stuff)

1st off throw the raw (yes raw) hamburger into a 4-8qt pot that has a lidthen pour in the tomato paste with an extra half can of water to rinse the extra sauce out, set on medhigh heat stirring until the meat has browned and the sauce has been absorbed (will look kinda like texas chilli at this point), now add in the packet of chilli seasoning (I add in a shake or 3 of red chillis)stir everything and then set on low heat. (15 min or until pasta is ready, or you can simmer longer for better texture.Boil the spaghetti like you normaly do during the simmer phase of the chilli.Once the spaghetti is done place a normal portion onto the plate or bowl, throw on a bit of cheese, then some of the chilli and a bit more cheese, toss some oyster crackers along the side and there you have it.

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